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Why Plastic Oceans U.K?

Why Plastic Ocean’s U.K?

In the beginning we were looking for a challenge. A way to do something that pushes us to our physical and mental limits. This is how we found the row, this is how we found a route that has never before been attempted. But we also knew that, without a cause, a challenge of this magnitude could feel a little empty, so we wanted to find a campaign that we all believed in, that would give this row a lot more purpose. We felt that without finding a cause, this would be too selfish of a move to make and we couldn’t put our lives at risk just for the sake of being the first people ever to do this crossing. The row was our platform, now we needed to find something to fill our platform with.

Back in September I watched a documentary film on Netflix that goes by the name of A Plastic Ocean. The film is centred round the current plastic epidemic that we face in today’s society in relation to our addiction to plastics, and in particular single use plastics. I won’t go too much into the documentary, however I would highly encourage and recommend anybody to give it a try. I used to think I was aware of the issues that were surrounding our plastic usage and the way in which we dispose of it. Also, of the issues that it is causing around the globe in relation to the way it is affecting our oceans. But clearly to what extent, I was incredibly naive about. This film then gave me a great insight into the issues that plastic is having on our environment, you see time and time again how due to our own lack of responsibility, plastic is finding its way into our oceans and having disastrous effects.

This then led the team to get in touch with the founder of the charity that developed due to the production of this film. Jo Ruxton is an incredible woman, who has devoted the last 10 years of her life to producing this documentary, and subsequently founding the charity Plastic Oceans U.K. The charity is now set up around three main causes. Firstly, Education. Going into the school’s with the intention of creating a better future, by going directly to the people who will be the main part of the future. I have seen first-hand how differently children approach this issue as opposed to adults. They see it very much as an issue that we can do something about, if we are willing take responsibility now. Secondly, Science. By helping to fund the latest research and studies that scientists are gathering in order to create new knowledge that they can put forward into their education campaign, which will also help change Government policy to take action. Thirdly, Sustainability. By developing sustainable thinking within companies, they are working with leading businesses, to help them challenge and question their own habits that surround plastic usage within their own companies. The charity’s objectives seem to be pretty clear, and without inspirational women like Jo, I think our own habits and behaviours that surround plastic would be a lot slower to change and adapt. With the help of charities such as Plastic Ocean’s U.K, we are becoming one of the global leaders in tackling this huge issue, and I would like to believe that now we are starting to take action, other countries will follow our lead.

By getting in touch with Plastic Ocean’s U.K, we found our cause. We believe that with our platform now being centred round such a huge global issue, that we can also help to challenge those habits within our culture that surround plastic usage. I myself have been fortunate enough to visit a number of schools, and give a presentation out to the children that is all to do with inspiring them to be the conduits of change that our culture needs to see. I will talk more about the presentation in a blog that is to come soon, but I can honestly say that I can see directly first hand, how disgusted and

appalled that these children are with the way that we have let our addiction to plastic get completely out of control.

To work directly with Plastic Ocean’s U.K has been a privilege so far, and i know that after meeting the motivated team within the charity, I can see how our values and beliefs are aligned. Which gives me great joy and hope looking forward to the next 11 months and seeing what happens in that period of time.

Nothing can change overnight, but in time and with effort we will slowly start to alter the direction we are currently travelling in. Through individual responsibility we can bring about a collective change.

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