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Education Programme

A big part of raising awareness about our plastic use, the effects plastic is having on our oceans, marine environments and ecosystems is educating future generations and the young people of today. Through an engaging education programme, Ocean Revival 2020 aim to inspire young people, combining a range of topics such as life in the Royal Marines, different life experiences such as Afghanistan and counter piracy operations and plastic, their effects on our oceans and ecosystems and of course Ocean Rowing!

Pendle Vale College

‘The students really enjoyed their interactive assembly, Matthew was both knowledgeable and engaging.  Students said that they learnt a lot about the work that the Marines do and the link with Geography; mitigating conflict and peacekeeping to enable development and campaigning to reduce plastics in the oceans.

They ultimately learnt about how the Marines assist people and the environment from a global to local scale. Thank you so much for visiting our school, I look forward to working with you again soon when we run our ‘Plastics in the Oceans’ cross-curricular in-school project and would thoroughly recommend your visit to other schools.’ Mrs McKinlay’ Head of Geography