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Team Ocean Revival 2020 will push their bodies hard in the build-up to The Worlds Most Dangerous Row, completing challenges that will build mental resilience and team cohesion.

By creating a ‘state of mind’ forged through hardship and team work, they aim to build a mentality that doesn’t know failure, one that has absolute trust in the guy next to them and one that will carry them across an ocean.

Spring 2019

30 Mile Commando Test with full kit and a Concept Two Rowing Machine strapped to the teams backs in under 8 hours.

Summer 2019

National 3 Peaks with a 2km row on top of each mountain, Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Mount Snowdon – The team will aim to complete this challenge in under 24 hours whilst each carrying a rowing machine.

Autumn 2019

The Lake District Swim Relay – The team will swim all the lakes in the Lake District, dragging a boat full of plastic behind them. The team aims to swim nonstop, except for the transfer between lakes, day and night until the challenge is complete.